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G-Spots and Squirting: A Beginners Guide

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen we are here today to talk about the infamous G-spot and the mythical act of squirting. Believe it or not, about 80% of women can squirt in some way shape or form, and don’t even know it.  Are you one of them? Hopefully we will find out.  In order to learn how to squirt you need to know what squirting is… Squirting is just another name for ejaculating except the female version.  Just like men, women do ejaculate, and just like men, it can be A LOT or it can be a little.  If you are expecting every single person with a vagina to be gushing a waterfall every time you stimulate the G-spot, well you are going to be VERY disappointed.  


First we need to discuss female anatomy.  If you do not know where the clit is, then you might want to start with that before jumping to squirting.  So let's take a peek at the vagina itself. In the diagram below you will see there are a few things you have going on, each of which will have its own pleasure receptors and help in the process of squirting.  Squirting is not just a push button method, you cannot just hit a magical switch and BOOM, you need to ease into it so make sure you give a little bit of foreplay before.  You have the outer and inner labia aka “The Pussy Lips” and the vagina, which is the hole that you are usually sticking your pee pee in… the urethral opening, which is where the pee comes from… and finally… THE CLIT, hidden usually by the clitoral hood. The clit is probably the most sensitive part of the vagina and should be treated as such…




Now you need to think of the female anatomy almost exactly as the male anatomy… I know this sounds crazy but the Vagina is basically an inside out penis, with the clit being the head of the penis.  The clit also is not just a little tiny nubbin on the outside but it is also almost the entire lining of the vaginal roof and walls as well.  Refer to the picture below.  Think about this for a second, in order to make a male ejaculate you need to stimulate the shaft until it erupts. Well SURPRISE, the same goes for a female, except the “shaft” is on the inside of the vagina. Now I’m about to blow everyone's mind here… THE G-SPOT IS NOT REAL!  It just doesn’t exist, well in a sense… What we call the G-spot is just the term given to the inside “shaft” part of the CLIT. All of this is very important if you want to try squirting. If you don’t know what you need to push on then you will never get it right...




So on to the act of “squirting”. Believe it or no, stimulating the “G-spot” and getting someone to squirt is not hard at all.. The spot you need to rub is about 2 knuckles deep and on the roof of the vagina.  Check the picture below.  Notice how close this is to the bladder, this is very important to note.  In order to squirt you must stimulate the “G-spot” in a forward motion almost like you are telling it to “come here”. The faster you go, the more intense the orgasm is, and because it is so close to the bladder you will get a sensation that you have to pee… Now this is where everyone messes up, when you get that sensation DO NOT STOP, KEEP GOING and release the ejaculate.  IT IS NOT PEE, but it feels like it because you are so close to the bladder.  Once you can get past that feeling of having to pee and learn to just have a proper orgasm, then you will truly know what you are capable of when it comes to squirting… NOW remember what I said.  NOT EVERYONE can blow a load like those pornstars, some can and some can’t. Some will get really REALLY wet, some will get creamy, and some will bust a nut all over your face… You will not know until you try...



Having a partner's help is a lot easier than trying yourself, but either way I have added a few links below to a few toys that will help you get a better angle. These can be used alone or with a partner!





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