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The Ins and Outs with Love Your Lust

  • Sex and Masturbating in the Shower and How to be Prepared

    Something about having sex in a tub or shower or even playing alone is so hot.  The combination of the water and pleasure just does something to the body… That being said, setting the stage and having the right tools are a must.
  • G-Spots and Squirting: A Beginners Guide

    Ok Ladies and Gentlemen we are here today to talk about the infamous G-spot and the mythical act of squirting. Believe it or not, about 80% of women can squirt in some way shape or form, and don’t even know it.  Are you one of them? Hopefully we will find out.
  • SEX TOY 101: Cleaning, Storing, and Caring for you sex toys… For Beginners

    Sex toys are like magical living creatures.  They cost a lot of money and should be properly taken care of.  Now I’m not talking about those $3 dildos you can buy off wish (that are made from god knows what) but I’m talking about the good quality, safe, sexy sex toys from legitimate websites.  I have spent thousands on sex toys, and I can say that I have a few that I bought over 10 years ago that still look and feel like I just took them out of the package.  Ironically GOOD quality and expensive sex toys can easily break down and fall apart because of the material it is made from.  Lubes, heat, and improper cleaning can all break down good silicone… It is really crazy to me that the expensive stuff is more easily broken down BUT even though it is tempting to buy a $3 dildo you need to think of what you are putting into your body and the long term possibly cancerous or deadly effects it can have on you.
  • What’s the right sex toy for you?

    Whether you are a first-time teaser or a MASTER-bater this post will hopefully help you find the toy that is right for you. Going to any kind of adult website or store can be overwhelming for anyone… shit even I get overwhelmed when I go to some sites and I have over 300 sex toys myself. I’m going to split this article into a few different sections so hopefully you can keep up!