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Enema 150 mL Syringe with Attachements

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Clean Stream

Make things easy. When you want to rinse your booty out with water or lubricate it with a slippery lube of your choice, this plastic syringe comes with a 23.5-inch tube and 3 different tips to make things simple. Choose between 2 smooth tips or a beaded tip that adds extra sensation, attach it to the silicone tube, and then place that on the end of your plastic syringe. You can easily hold the tip at your backdoor entry while holding the syringe in the other hand and slowly fill yourself to your own comfort. The syringe holds up to 150 ml of fluid or lubricant, so enjoy keeping an eye on how much it takes to fill you up! The separation of pieces also keeps things cleaner; only the tips are inserted in your derriere, meaning that the contents in the syringe are not contaminated. To clean, wash with warm water and mild soap, then rinse it and pat dry. It can also be soaked in warm, soapy water to get into the tubing.

Fill the syringe with your fluid or lube of choice. Slip the tube over the tip of the syringe, and then choose any of the 3 tapered tips to put on the other end of the tube. Rub a little lube on your backdoor entry and the tip, then slide it inside. Slowly press down on the syringe plunger and enjoy!

  • Syringe: 8.25 inches Length x 2.4 inches Width.
  • Tapered tips: 3.7 inches insertable length, 0.5 inches diameter.
  • Beaded tip: 4.7 inches insertable length, 0.5 inches diameter.
  • Tubing: 23.5 inches length.

  • Syringe: ABS plastic
  • Tips: PVC
  • Tubing: Silicone & PP

    Color: Clear

    Key Features:

  • Fluid Syringe: This plastic syringe can hold up to 150 ml of either lubricant or water.
  • Three Tapered Tips: Comes with 2 smooth tips and one beaded tip for extra sensation.
  • Silicone Tube: Make it easy to hold the syringe and insert the tip with this 23.5-inch tube!