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Gold Sensation Wartenberg Wheel

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Master Series

Wake up your partner's senses with this Wartenberg wheel! The shining, golden, wheel of needles are blunt enough to use on the skin but prickly enough to heighten sensation and give them goosebumps across their flesh! Use it during sensation-play and in kinky scenes to add another layer of desire-invoking teasing! The wheel was originally used in the medical industry to test nerve reflexes; now, you can watch your partner's body light up with sensation as they melt in your hands while you send tingles down their spine, their legs, their arms, their chest… Use it gently. If you want to switch it up and add some pain, drag the wheel sideways across the skin to scrape them or smack them with it. Never use it near the eyes and be careful around the more sensitive glands between the thighs. To clean after use, wash with soap and water, spray with a toy cleaner, or boil in hot water.

  • Overall length: 7.2 inches.
  • Wheel diameter: 1.3 inches.

  • Wheel: Stainless steel
  • Handle: Aluminum alloy

    Color: Gold

    Key Features:

  • Sensation Wheel: This golden Wartenberg wheel with a row of pins on it rolls over the skin and causes goosebumps and sensual stimulation.
  • Nickel-Free Metal: Both the steel and aluminum are nickel-free for sensitive skin.
  • Temperature Sensitive: Add another layer of sensation by warming up or cooling the metal wheel.