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Perky Pair G-Cup Wearable Silicone Breasts

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Master Series

With these massive, G-cup breasts you can try out all kinds of new personalities and roles! Made of premium silicone, they are silky smooth, soft to the touch and also body-safe and phthalate free. They have a realistic look and feel to them so you can enjoy every squeeze and caress with perky nipples that have artistic detail on the nipples and areolas that add to the look. They fit over the shoulders and around the chest with a turtleneck-style silicone shirt that the breasts are attached to; this makes for a comfortable and supported pair of breasts and covers the Adam's apple while creating smooth lines! Wear them under clothing and enjoy roleplaying, cosplaying, feminization, costuming, and sissification!

Slip on this wearable silicone pair of breasts and you're ready to start accessorizing and dressing up! Whether you want to have a nice pair of breasts for a while that are bigger than your own, or if you have a partner of Domme who is working on feminizing you, these are fun and comfortable to wear! Some may enjoy this pair under their drag queen outfit! Others will dress up as a sissy maid for their Mistress! It can be a fun way to roleplay and can also cross over into cosplay, as well! Perhaps you're going through transition and don't have top surgery; try this pair and get a feel for a size G! Add bras, lingerie, dresses and more to see what it looks like to have a truly perky pair!

Wash with warm water and toy cleaner after each use. Pat dry and store in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and separated from other toys.

  • Cup size: G
  • Chest circumference: 28 inches (unstretched), 44 inches (stretched).
  • Neck circumference: 12.5 inches (unstretched), 22 inches (stretched).

    Total weight: 8.2lbs

    Materials: Silicone

    Color: Light

    Key Features:

  • G Cup Breasts: These G-Cup breasts give you a voluptuous shape and are perfect for feminization, sissification, drag queen costuming, roleplay and more! Wear them under shirts, dresses or lingerie to get a feel for wearing a pair!
  • Realistic Look and Feel: The breasts and nipples have a silky smooth, realistic look and feel so you can enjoy having fun solo or with a partner! The breast shirt also extends up to the neck to create smooth lines and cover up an Adam's apple.
  • Perky and Well Supported: These boobs are pointing forward with erect nipples! They are designed to go over the shoulder and around the chest like a harness would for optimal support.
  • Premium Silicone: Made of premium, silky smooth, phthalate-free silicone. It is body-safe and should only be used with water-based lubricants. Clean after each use for best results.