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Pup Bear with Removeable Muzzle and Hood

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Master Series

Introducing the cutest little kinky bear you've ever seen! This plush bear comes with its own bondage gear and is ready for some pup play! Even bears can play pretend, and this bear loves to wear his hood and muzzle. Walk him around on a leash that attaches to his collar and hold onto him by his harness. You can buy this for yourself, include it in a bachelorette game, give it as a gag gift or novelty gift, or even give it as a sentimental gift to your favorite bear or kinky pup! Made out of polyester, this bear is soft and cuddly and does anything you tell him too! All leather is vegan and his pup gear is neoprene. Spot clean as needed.

Measurements: Overall: 9 inches Long x 7.3 inches Wide x 5.5 inches Deep.

Materials: Polyester, vegan leather, Neoprene, ABS plastic, metal

Color: Brown, black, red

Note: Not intended for children.

Key Features:

  • Cuddly Bear: This cute polyester bear is perfect for cuddling!
  • Kinky Gift: Give this as a gag gift, novelty item gift, or as a sentimental gift to a kinky friend or lover!
  • Pup Gear: Has a removable hood and muzzle.
  • Bondage Gear: Comes with a harness, collar, and leash.