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Sinful Impact Cane

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Master Series

Awaken the Dominant within with this Sinful Impact Cane! Perfect for any kink scene, this cane offers an electrifyingly sharp sensation due to its flexible, plastic material. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip, wrapped in high-quality vegan leather and adorned with striking golden caps on each end. The rod’s narrow, finely shaved tip amplifies each impact, delivering intense and precise corrections every time. Elevate your pleasure and control with this masterfully crafted instrument of discipline!

Tears stream down your submissive's face. Drool drips from their chin. They're gagged and bound, kneeling over the bondage bench, whimpering. You almost don't want to hit them again, but you both negotiated exactly this scene; they wanted to be pushed past the point of control, cry, whimper, beg, and then be given pleasure beyond their wildest dreams. Once they say the magic word, once they finally yield, you'll stop. But until then… Their legs are spread wide so you can see them dripping with pleasure, despite their tears. You lift the cane high, and with precise aim you strike at their inner thigh, and with an animal-like grunt they begin to convulse in tremors and spasms of pleasure and pain!

Measurements: Overall length: 24 inches

Materials: PE plastic, PVC, PU leather, zinc alloy, steel

Color: Black, gold

Key Features:

  • Wicked Punishment: This classic tool for correction and punishment is a winner in any kink scene!
  • Flexible Rod: The flexible, plastic rod offers a whippy, sharp sensation when used!
  • Grippy Handle: The handle is wrapped in vegan leather with two golden caps on each end made of aluminum.
  • Narrow Tip: The narrow tip has been shaved down for a finer point, making each impact far more wicked!