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Spark Rod Zapping Wand

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Master Series

Zap your partner or submissive at any time with this easy to use, fun, Spark Rod Zapping Wand! The handle and shaft is made out of plastic so it insulates you from the electricity. Press the button on the side of the easy to grip, ribbed handle and you'll be able to shock your partner! All the electricity gets channeled through the tip for pinpointed pain and sensation. Spice up any kinky scene with this wand! In order to use it, you'll need two AA batteries (not included).

They're kneeling in front of you, balancing a tray with a cup of water on it. Dutifully being of service, they are trying their best to serve and please you. But this is a game, and it wouldn't be any fun if it were easy! You ask them to offer the drink to you, but then you zap them while they try to move. They flinch and yell out loud, nearly dropping the drink. You scold them, tell them they mustn't spill any water from the cup, and then ask them to stand up, slowly, and walk to the table while wearing those high heels. They move to rise and the entire time you ask them to complete tasks you zap them, making them struggle to keep composed. You know they will fail, and so do they, but they still try. Why? Because the punishment is also the reward, and you know they are desperate to be punished just as much as rewarded!

  • Overall length: 14.9 inches.
  • Handle diameter: 1.5 inches.

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Color: Orange, black

    Note: Requires two AA batteries (not included).

    Key Features:

  • Pinpoint Shock: The two metal points on the end center all the electricity into one central output for pinpointed shock!
  • Intimidating Sound and Sensation: Enjoy the loud zapping sound and the intension e-stim sensations!
  • Easy Grip Handle: The handle is ribbed with ABS plastic to insulate your hand from the electricity and make it easy to hold on to.
  • Exciting Scene Play!: Add something fun and shocking to any scene with this rod!